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Полезная программа!!!

iPhone X

I’ll give you a 5 star review once the app is updated to support the iPhone X!


Great app to find homes


Attempting to delete profile and unsubscribe from email proving difficult.

No customer service

No contact - can’t sign in - no emails to announce someone looked at your property. Horrible.

So Far So Good

Haven’t had any problems with this app. It’s been legit every time. I’m very pleased! -Satisfied Customer

Great site

Awesome finds here.

House finder

So nice to find comparable renting/buying.


Its free

User Friendly

Clean interface, simple to use, right to the point.

Zillow rental app

Renters profile stops at 95% then wants you to complete it, but will not allow completion.

Lose a star for asking for a review

I like the app, except for nagging me to write it a review. Any app that nags for reviews or 5 stats loses a star from me.



Very helpful

Keeps me informed of daily realty

Not user friendly

I can never find my listing and I keep getting a 404 oops error.

Good app but spam you

They make it a hassle for you to unsubscribe emails. Tried to unsubscribe the email list and was forced to change my password, get more emails, and have to search through all the garbage on the app to do it. Stop wasting my time

Awesome app

Love it

Good app but...

Works well and I like it. However, if you are actually using it for its intended purpose of finding a place to live, I have found the brokers placing listings on Zillow are very bad about replying to inquiries through the app. In many cases now, I've received no reply at all to my inquiry. I would estimate the overall response rate is on the order of 50-60%. Considering I've filled my "renter's profile" with a good deal of info including my real name and number, this low response is especially frustrating. Not sure there's much Zillow can do about this, but it definitely diminishes the value of the app.

Not very helpful

Every time I try to search for a zip code or location or go back to the previous search the app tells me I have no internet connection. I'm looking right at my phone and I am connected.

Great app

Commercial listings would make it better.


I've used Trulia and now tried Zillow. Same areas that have over 30 rentals available, Zillo only displayed three, while Trulia displayed all thirty. I ensured the same settings in both apps and even removed all filters in Zillo.

I give it 5 stars because.....

-It is incredibly helpful, informative, interesting and useful but mostly just so easy! -It has SO MANY options, filters and homes to choose from that it's ALMOST impossible to narrow it down by yourself. But I love that! Better than having zero options or a chaotic option list, meaning that this app makes it easier to keep your mind and saved homes in nice order. -Updates very quickly and efficiently, meaning that there are usually new places everyday. PERFECT for ANYONE who is looking!

Soooo Convenient and user intuitive.

Great App! Thanks Zillow you are on the ball.👍🏼

Not many homes

Too many American Homes 4 Rent scam houses. Those are the only properties I can find on this app and I'll never rent from that terrible company.

Great source of local information.

Enjoy viewing this excellent source of information.


Beautiful Home On Par 3 Broadmoore Golf Course Beautiful View from Side & Back Yard large Cement Patio, New Black Fence plus Wood Privacy Fence on Side, 3 Gates. 3 Bedroom 2 Full Baths Jazzaui in master bath large living room Gorgous fireplace windows on both sides of Fireplace beautiful wood floors in living room carpet in bedrooms tile in entry, bathroom & kitchen, dining room & laundry room plus Sun Room. Large windows across Sun Room All Windows have Custum Dark Wood Blinds. House All Remolded with New light Fixtures plus Appliances... Brick Home just painted, New Roof, 1892 sq ft Move In Ready!!!!


Easy to use and informative

Great app!

My family and I are moving to Portland Oregon and this app makes it super easy to look for homes! I just downloaded the app yesterday and I already have 3 potential home options . I recommend this app to anyone that needs to find a home easily


Awesome app to find a place to move

Pet friendly

Please add a DOG friendly filter so that I can more easily find apartments that will accept my DOG!!!

Great app

So many options, convenient, and easy to navigate

Zillow App

This app has been the greatest app for searching for apartments I love it

Good resource for rentals

Zillow Rental is an excellent place to find a rental no matter where you are looking for a place.

The only app I care to use when looking.

I love this app because it's not overtaken with sponsored ads. Easy to navigate, and gives you plenty of options (more than just complexes). Found a great place the day I started my search.

Helpful and fun

Me and some friends were looking at places around Venice beach and guessing what the rent was. It was a pointless game but I pulled out this app and got to see how close we were, but anyways it does help with my actual hunt for a new place haha

Helpful to shop competition

Very helpful to use for rent comps. Ease of use is unequalled. App does not crash.

Love Zillow in general! The app is pretty sufficient

Big Zillow guy. The only thing I don't about the app is that my current location isn't shown while I'm driving around clicking on different properties, so I have to use apple or google maps simultaneously if I want to know my orientation to the properties surrounding me.

I don't recommend you download APP

This is absolutely the worse app I could ever download on my Iphone. I no longer use and everyday I recieve about over 50 emails about offers that I never authorized zillow to so so. I hate this app if this helps. I have sent multiples emails to them letting them know I am no longer interested but they keep forcing/sending me mails.



Love Zillow!

I particularly like the draw the map feature…

Awesome App

Easy to use interface. I am so happy to see Zillow is focusing on rentals. It is obvious that Zillow values all consumers in every market of real estate.

Find a home without using a tank of gas!!!!

We always know when new properties come out via email. We know immediately when new properties are available. If we want to look at a different state, to see how housing compares we can! Nice and easy. The information shared about easy property is in an organized manner on the app. Easy to save the properties you are interested in. BEST APP for shopping for property from the comfort of your own phone office or home.

Rate pestering

App pesters you for ratings. Again. Again.

Crime rates

It would be nice to lay the crime rates as a heat map as example The filters have to be reset a lot after looking at the apartment


It is great but the app needs to be simplified! for example ! What do i push to see where i'm


Stop asking for reviews

I like this app and Zillow a lot

Love it nice app well organized and it helps you find apartments houses is great


Great app

Zillow Rentals works!

Zillow Rentals is a great way to stay current on rentals and helped our daughter find a great place in the competitive Portland, Oregon market. Makes it so easy to compare properties in the desired area.

Big dog option

Love the app but I wish there was a way to specify pet friendly as cat/small dog/big dog.

Pretty great

As far as the rental apps go this seems to be the most accurate and easiest to use with the greatest number of rentals. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it glitches after you've been on a while and starts to show the wrong properties info when you open new homes. But all you have to do is close it and reopen and its good to go.

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