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Полезная программа!!!

Heather S. Indiana

I gave it 4 stars cause I really like it! It’s the best rental app! Also u guys make it so easy to use and fun ty!

Your app


Easier navigation

Its all perfect except if there could be an easier way to navigate looking through each house/apartments photos and switching back to the map view.

Love this App!

So easy to find what you’re looking for. Without the hassle of going to a rental company. Free and easy!

Can’t change settings

I’ve been trying to change my email settings since I downloaded the app.. I believe I’m missing a lot of opportunities because of an email I no longer have access to.


Wish they would make it a little easier to contact about property and reply back sooner


Not happy with this app bc I feel hampered by not being able to move around and make changes to check out for sale items not just for rental

Zillow sell your phone number to 3rd party companies!!!

They will sell your personal contact info to 3rd parties. Expect at least a dozen calls a day. I’ve found that Craigslist is much much better.

Satisfied and Hopeful

Just Lookin at this gives me great comfort in getting into my own. Was very nervous on where I would go until I came across this App. Glacias


annoying to use desktop is much better

Good site, poorly done app

I love Zillow when I’m searching for a new apartment, but the app does not let me sign into my account despite numerous efforts. Not sure if it’s a glitch with the app itself but it’s poorly done.

Too easy

Hopefully rental will go with ease and then I will check back with you all....wish there were more rental selections

Site doesn’t work at all

For past few weeks neither of your sites seem to work, you mean to tell me there is ZERO homes available to rent in Michigan? My wife and I have both installed updates and we still receive ZERO results! Waste of time!

Overall decent app

Pretty good app although the filter doesn’t work a lot of the times and I get results not even close to my criteria. My biggest gripe is the map functionality with google maps. I like to see the street view of the neighborhood but EVERY single time it sends you to the alley view versus the front of the property forcing you to keep scrolling around the block to see the front. It’s really annoying and forces me to just go straight to google maps and put the address in myself, which brings you directly to the front. Some kind of technology glitch needs to be fixed.


Way too many emails. It’s ridiculous.

Easy and effective

Easy and effective

Dror shalom

Great website and wonderful management thanks a lot

Good app

Found what I wanted

No one ever responds

A lot of listings and results but I haven’t heard anything from 15 I’ve inquire. Pretty frustrating when your company moves you and you’re miles away so you don’t have the flexibility to physically go out there to look for a place. This app is really convenient with the listings though.

No results found 🤷🏼‍♀️

Wanna fix this bug before I start liking other apps more because I’m using them so much??? Can’t look at rentals when you open the app and do a search and see no results found no matter how many times you click reset filter 🤷🏼‍♀️👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Great rental app

Very user friendly!!


When attempting to view anything by swiping up, it’s just a white screen that never loads

Don’t like it

Doesn’t load when I want to look at homes. Not very impressive. Just like every other real estate app

Easy. User friendly. Find deals.

Love the app. Easy to use. User friendly. !

Zillow App Review

Not Specific enough when showing chosen areas, no safety/crime info available in chosen area really slants available info in owners’ favor.

No ability to change search

Searched for rental now I can not search for sale

Way too many email notifications

I am receiving several emails per day of “new” rental properties for a saved search. One, why not surprise to just one summarize that day’s or week’s new properties? Or at least give the user an option of frequency of emails? Second, almost all of these “new” listings are the same ones which are constantly repeatedly sent. Like most apps and websites, Zillow is greatly over estimating their importance to users by killing the user with way too much notifications. It’s like the early stages of dating someone who goes psycho by calling and texting every 5 minutes. The user ends up shutting down and those notifications become noise. STOP BEING SO INTRUSIVE.


Still looking for 1000 price range

New user

So far so good! Lots of great photos/views of the areas. I’d like to see more of the garage/driveways also if not asking too much. I know others may enjoy seeing that as well. Other that I ranked the app a 4 star for now.

Reason for review

Not the easiest app to use due to my arthritis in hands. Kayla


There should be a setting to add miles outside the location ppl are looking.

Doesn’t Work

I open the app, and it says “Can’t connect to Zillow”. iPhone 6S Plus.

Rating Zillow Rentals

I think it's perfect to go through all the listings and I'm sure there are some things that could improve , but for right now I'm enjoying it!

Can’t save favorites in app

Can’t save favorites in app please fix!

Rent city!

Easy to use, nice app interface. I wish more property managers or landlords would use this because there are quite a few properties listed that don’t have any pictures of the interior or direct exterior of said rentals. Otherwise, this is accurate and easy to communicate with others within app and set up appointments. Thanks Zillow!

Altos precios

Es muy buena la pag pero súper caras las rentas

Really a great app!

If you are not sure where exactly you want to move, Zillow is the best app out there. You can set up several home searches with totally different locations to see what city or town fits best for you. I love all the pictures I get to see when viewing the property online and can do so in the comfort of my own home wearing pj’s while sitting on a couch. Now that’s shopping at its best!!! Have fun and remember that there IS that place out there waiting just for you! I looked for months before I found the perfect townhouse to rent for a year as I sell my house I’ve had for 15 years. May is definitely going to be the month of huge changes I’ve been so sad about.......but I will find myself a much more reasonably priced home and if I make enough money, I will buy it outright and never have to worry about how I’m going to pay my mortgage from one month to the next. Wish me the best and please pray for me to find a house that’s right and perfect house for my animals and me! God bless you all!!!


I really wish Zillow would be a little more updated with the prices, they are always different than what the leasing offices say, and the properties available are typically different

Download now

It’s perfect tool

Can’t see Crime Statistics

Need to see Crime Statistics.


I use Zillow rents to advertise my properties for rent it’s so easy.


I love Zillow. Makes life so muck easier!

Be cool

Use it all the time.

Love it!!

I love this app because it is so helpful, gives me all the info that i need

Poorly integrated, errant values.

I tried moving my home from one Zillow account to another. I deleted the old account (for convenience purposes), but Zillow doesn’t actually delete it, so now I cannot claim my own home under my new account. Also, listing values are hit and miss. Zillow does not care about the amenities or quality of the builder/building materials, so high quality homes are undervalued while low quality homes are overvalued. How can neighboring homes have gone up a lot while ours has been stagnant for 18 years? We keep our home in top condition, fixing what needs it, and keeping it clean. It would be better not to have Zillow than have it be wrong all the time.


Why is this app spamming my f ing email every day with no setting to stop it. Deleting the f ing garbage. Zero stars

Very helpful


Best Rental App

Up to date listings So easy to use

Realtors/Brokers do not return contact

The app is fine, but of 10 people I contacted, only 1 responded. Those proportions are pretty bad.

The Times are hard

I remember when Zillow first came out. It was so amazing, I would stay on for hours. It had it's problems but it was new and cool. Then the powers that be sat down and decided it could be better. That was it for me. The site got so slow. Right from the start. It's slow Now your lucky if the pictures open. I know it's not my end. All new iPad Apple Why did they mess with a good thing. That's why Craig's list is doing so well . No one messed with a good thing. If it works leave it along people. I wonder if they can go back to the old site.

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