Zillow Rentals Відгуки


Полезная программа!!!


Helped me select


I’ve been using Zillow for a good number of years now.It’s super easy to use and contains lots of useful information.I recommend it to all my colleagues.Keep it up,gang!

Not useful at all

If you’re looking for flats, apartment, etc, this app will not work for you!


Truly a market leveling app. Easy to compare rents, amenities, and everything you need to make an informed housing decision in any location. Superb!

Nice App

I’m enjoying it it’s very nice

Great overall

Needs more of a selection and pictures but it’s a good starting point

Good app for looking into renting or buying homes

Very user friendly

Not very reliable

Unfortunately Zillow is u reliable. It does not have the most current information available when conducting a search - ex: property no longer available but still listed; says it accepts DOGs but that’s not true; you co dust your search narrowing it down for places that accepts dogs. You get back lots of hits but when you look in the description it’s cats they actually accept and not dogs. And lastly, I know there’s not much Zillow can do about this, but it is almost impossible to hear back from an owner or agent after reaching out to them. Thank you

Real life horrible

No one responds, I’ve even had a guy tell me that the post I’ve contacted him about wasn’t his and he thinks Zillow mixed him up with some other agent. Better off looking the old fashion way unless you make 100k+ a year and your credit score is 800+ and you have no pets and live alone. Then you’d have better odds


Great sight

Keyword search does NOT work on iOS 11

Cannot use app until this is fixed. I’m searching for a corporate rental. Zillow doesn’t have this as a category. Huge miss.

Keyword feature isn't working

The keyword feature isn't working

Keyword Search isn’t working

It was a great app before the latest updates ...the keyword search field isn’t working.


Locks up or is slow often.

Minus one star. Stop!


Very helpful

Thanks to Zillow we found a place to stay!

App needs work

I have gone in several times to attempt to set up an account so that I may save homes. Your app has not allowed me to finish the steps, instead giving me the message that I must first set up an account...... while I’m setting up the account. Therefore, I’ll be deleting this app. I do t have time to mess with anything that doesn’t work properly. The stars would be at a negative 10, if possible.

Go to app for move searches

Zillow offers the most valued service by providing all levels of consideration with a user friendly site my kids can use! Searching for a new home is stressful but they provide the ability of making it a family selection process. I love that! Suggestion to Zillow - create a share folder so that when searching and selecting favorites everyone included in your folder sees what one another’s favorites are. Also provide the ability to select their favorite part of the home. This would also give the owner an understanding of appeal.

Really good

I like options when you can see houses only around necessary schools.

Mr Fouad Kamel

Your site is very helpful and very easy to use but still need some improvement for phones use Thank you Fouad Habashy

Why can’t I type?

I can’t type like in the distance to destination thing and wherever else I need to type... just kinda aggravating

No ability to search for keywords + false listings

The app will not allow you to search for keywords making it functionally useless. The search box is there, under the filter settings - but if I try to type something into it, no text appears. This makes searching for specific criteria very difficult. Also - Zillow really needs to crack down on slime ball realtors who advertise commercial property on a residential listing service. I’ve also seen several trashy people post listings for horse boarding. Are you kidding? Little things like this make app frustrating to use.

So helpful

The up to date listings have saved my wife and i, so much driving around , love this app!!!!!


I wish all options had pictures to refer to

Great app, but

Only wish the renal and sale app could tie in together

Cat/Dog options

Love the app., easy to navigate and use. It would be helpful if you can select which rentals offer pent rent or not options.


Great way to browse for a home

The website to go for me to post ad for me place

I got good response for my places and will stick to it.

Keywords not working

It will not let me type any letters into the keywords in the filter

Great Great Great!!!!!

This is the best all around home finder site out there!!!!!

App not working after latest update

After the latest update I am not able to expand the house details, like price history, home value etc..

Love it


Great App

Love this App

Awesome app

Love this awesome app! I love that I can see each of the entailed pieces properties…and all the pics to go with it!

Best app for rentals

Used the app many times and always have great selection and filters

Great usage small tweaks needed

Easy to use find what I’m looking for and what is needed. Would like to see more info on required deposits and any fees charges like I see on other apps but still 5 stars I basically search on here and find more details on other apps

Moving is Hard Enough

Zillow makes it easier.

Excellent tool for home assessment.

I was curious about the value of my home and other homes in our neighborhood. Zillow provided with all the vital information I needed to now to make well informed decisions. Thanks Zillow!

Could be better

Very slow and crashes often

iPhone X

I’ll give you a 5 star review once the app is updated to support the iPhone X!


Great app to find homes


Attempting to delete profile and unsubscribe from email proving difficult.

No customer service

No contact - can’t sign in - no emails to announce someone looked at your property. Horrible.

So Far So Good

Haven’t had any problems with this app. It’s been legit every time. I’m very pleased! -Satisfied Customer

Great site

Awesome finds here.

House finder

So nice to find comparable renting/buying.


Its free

User Friendly

Clean interface, simple to use, right to the point.

Zillow rental app

Renters profile stops at 95% then wants you to complete it, but will not allow completion.

Lose a star for asking for a review

I like the app, except for nagging me to write it a review. Any app that nags for reviews or 5 stats loses a star from me.

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